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Every day someone gets married, relocates, or changes his or her phone number. Did you know you must contact the Department of State if you are a notary and this applies to you? how to change your info after application If you have lawfully changed your name due to marriage, or for any other reason, you must request an amended notary commission within 60 days of the change. To do this, you may contact your bonding agency and ask for a bond rider form in order to proceed with the name change. The state of Florida charges $25 and your bonding agency may or may not charge a small fee. Once you have completed the form, your bonding agency will send it to the state and upon approval you can order new products. You may perform notarizations for 60 days from the day you request an amended commission or until you receive your new commission. In addition, if your address or phone number changes at your home and/or your business you must notify the Department of State in writing of the change. If you fall into either of these categories and do not notify the state you are subject to suspension of your notarial duties.