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Your Signature and Printed Name Must Match

NPU FL notary application signature and printed name Florida, like many states, requires the name on the commission to EXACTLY match the signature. It is the same philosophy utilized for the signer—their signature must match the name on the identification. On the application you have a place to print your name. At the top of the document please print your full name. At the bottom of the application is the Oath of Office, please print the name you want to appear on your commission. Your signature below the Oath of Office must match the printed name. For instance, if you write John Andrews Smith, your signature cannot be John A Smith, but must include your entire middle name. Underneath the Oath of Office signature, we state, “this is the name in which your commission and notary seal will be issued.” This is what the Oath of Office section will look like: Oath of Office The bond requires the same matching of the signature and the printed name. At the top of the bond, you will print the name you want on your commission (ensuring it matches the name you wrote on your application) and sign with the same name. Bond signature and name must match This will speed up your processing time. When we receive applications that do not match, we call the applicant to clarify which form of their name they would like to use. If you have any questions about your commission name or your application, please call our customer care team at 800.821.0821.