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Ch-Ch-Changing: Why It’s Important to Keep Your Notary Information Current

Why we ask you to keep your address, name, phone numbers, emails, etc. 

When you apply to become a notary, or renew your commission, we ask you for your address, your phone number and your email. We need this information to continually service you the best we can. records Your notary commission lasts for four years—and in those four years, many changes can occur. You can get married, buy your first house, or switch phone carriers for that new deal. All of these are life happenings, but with these changes comes a new name, a new address and a new phone number. The updated information is not a NPU policy—the state regulates you have updated notary information. For instance, once you change your name, Florida law dictates you change your name on your notary commission within sixty days. If you are bonded through NPU you can complete this through the Amended Commission Notary Application Form. An updated address ensures we send your notary information to the right location. This is highly important, especially if you order a new commission stamp. Your email address allows you to be kept up-to-date on the status of your orders and your notary commission. NPU never sells your information to third parties, and we do everything in our power to protect your personal information. For more information on how we do so please read our blog post “How Notary Public Underwriters Protects Your Information.” The collection of various information from you is never frivolous, and has a purpose other than solicitations. Updated information is not for our company’s benefit, but for your benefit.