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Personalized Embosser

Personalized Embosser

PRICE: $28.50
SKU: FL125


35 Character Limit

35 Character Limit

35 Character Limit

Have you ever wanted to mark your books or your kids school books with an embossed custom imprint? Our Personalized Embosser is small and portable and produces a clear, raised impression with every use. The insert for this model of embosser has a slide and lock device that makes disassembly and storage easy. This embosser allows for three custom lines of text 35 characters per line. Please check the spelling and accuracy of your text, because your embosser will be produced with the exact text that you enter.

This is NOT a notary seal, visit Notary Embossers category.

Our highly skilled production department is committed to quickly and accurately producing the best quality custom products. Please click on the imprint image to the left to see the design layout for this product. Notary Public Underwriters is researching ways to improve our line of custom products; be sure to check back for additional products and updated options soon. If you have any questions about our custom embossers, please contact our customer service team who is always standing by to answer your questions.

Minimal Effort

The improved leverage of this personalized embosser handle ensures clean, crisp impressions with little effort.

Clean Impressions

Our Personalized Embossers are optimized to achieve the crispest impressions. This product is popular with corporations, engineers and government official worldwide which makes it extremely high quality of daily personal use.

Highest Durability

Our seal presses have an extremely high durability due to the use of high quality materials and precision workmanship.

Recommended products: Essential for photocopying, use an Impression Inker in combination with your Personalized Embosser to permanently ink the raised impression of your seal to help make the image readable. We also carry another product that provides a sophisticated, professional look to your raised impression. Take a look at our self-adhesive Gold Foil Seals to add elegance to the books and documents that you emboss.

Product Specifications


Personalized Embosser for Florida Customers

Personalized Embosser

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