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How to Handle Out of State Documents

out-of-state documents   Yes, you can complete out of state documents, but there are certain restrictions. Stay in Florida: When you are commissioned as a Florida notary you must complete the notarial act within Florida and adhere to Florida law.* You are limited to completing notarial acts within the state lines of Florida. Even if a document is drafted by a Floridian and is for use within Florida, it cannot be notarized outside of Florida. Your jurisdiction does not extend past Florida borders. Follow Florida Law: Some states have different notarial law than Florida. You should always be following Florida law, though. It does not matter if the document was created in another state and will be used there. Likewise, even if the laws differ for the state the document will be used in, you should still be following Florida law. One element of this you must be aware of, is ensuring the notarial certificate matches all of Florida requirements. Venue: The venue should state where you were when the notarial act took place. Most often with out-of-state documents, you will have to cross out the venue and replace it. The state should be Florida and the county whatever county you are in when the notarial act was completed. The venue does not reflect where you received your commission. Date and initial the change. *There are special circumstances for military officials who have been granted the power to complete notarial acts. For questions about military notarial acts, please call our customer care line at 800.821.0821.