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Where's the Notary? How to Find a Notary Public

People come to NPU to become notaries. They also come to us to find a notary. Finding a notary can be a lot harder for some of your customers than you think. Since, we are entrenched in the notary industry and know where to look for answers and who to turn to for solutions, but most people barely understand what a notary does, least of all where to find one. These are the places we suggest to start the search for a notary (notaries pay attention and utilize these outlets): Notary Locator Tools These are becoming more and more popular. Since, notary websites and the power of the search engine, people assume the answers to their questions can always be found online. The notary business is no exception. Notary Locator Tools are some of the first results to pop up. If you are searching for a notary and it is a more sensitive or important document, you can always ease concerns by using the tools that have reviews attached. As a notary, you should be utilizing as many of these as possible. If possible post a picture – people trust a face more than anything. Plus, it’ll make it easier to identify you when meeting up. The American Society of Notaries has a Notary Locator which allows you to add additional criteria besides just your zip code—allowing you to tailor your search to your needs. Local Banks Many times when a person calls looking for a notary, the first place we suggest they look is their local bank. Most banks have a notary public on staff, and if you are a member of the bank sometimes the services are of no charge. Local Businesses Most local mailing facilities, such as UPS stores or Pack Mail locations, have a notary onsite. If you’re in our area, NPU has notaries in-house. Feel free to stop by any time from 8 am to 5 pm and one of our notaries will take care of you. Wills and closings cannot be completed on company premises, but we will be happy to set up a time not on company property to complete these for you. Social Media Send a tweet asking for a notary in your area, or post to Facebook asking where you can find one. Recently, one of our employees saw a post to a local group she’s a member of asking where to find a notary to officiate a wedding and another employee saw a post wondering where an easy place to get their daughter’s school forms notarized was. You never know who will see your post – just because none of your immediate friends do not know the answer, some of your social media friends may. Finding a notary doesn’t have to be hard, they want you to find them and try to advertise as many places as possible. When you are deciding where to advertise your notary company or your notary services, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Where would you look first? Talk to your local businesses. Be on sites such as Yelp, not only social media. When they search for a notary public you want your name to pop up in as many different searches as possible.