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I have a notary bond. Do I want Errors and Omissions Insurance too?

I have a notary bond. Do I want Errors and Omissions Insurance too?

Yes, you do. Keep in mind; the notary bond DOES NOT protect you, the Florida notary.

Your $7,500 Florida notary bond you purchased when you became a Florida notary protects the individuals you notarize the document for in case of any error or mistake on your part. If an individual makes a claim against your Florida notary bond, you, the Florida notary, are responsible for reimbursing the amount paid. Your Florida notary bond does not protect you from legal costs that may arise from a simple, innocent mistake. That’s the job of errors & omissions insurance.

Let’s break it down…

Your $7,500 Florida notary bond:

  • Is a surety bond that protects the public from any wrongdoing on the part of the Florida notary.
  • Will compensate an individual harmed as a result of errors or mistakes performed by a Florida notary.
  • Will NOT protect the Florida notary from any legal costs incurred due to lawsuits.

Your errors & omissions insurance policy:

  • Will pay for damages imposed by a court or in a settlement agreement and attorney fees up to the limits of the coverage.
  • Will pay defense costs and legal bills even if the suit is not valid.
  • Does not require you to reimburse anything and does not require a deductible.*
  • Protects you, the Florida notary, so you can perform your notarial duties with confidence.

At Notary Public Underwriters, we have 5 different 4-year policies ranging from a $10,000 coverage amount for $40.00 to a $100,000 coverage amount for $240.00. For as little as $10 a year, you can have peace of mind while performing your duties as a Florida notary.


There are several different options. Which policy should I buy?

That depends. At Notary Public Underwriters, we recommend taking a hard look at the types of documents you notarize and select an errors & omissions policy that correlates with the potential financial repercussions of a mistake on those documents.

If you would like more information on our Florida notary errors & omissions insurance policies, please call our Florida notary service department at (800) 821-0821. We are always happy to assist with your Florida notary needs.


*This blog is not referencing signing agent errors & omissions insurance which requires a deductible. Notary bonds & errors and omissions insurance are underwritten by Universal Surety of America and Western Surety.