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I accidentally let my Florida notary commission expire, but I’ve submitted renewal paperwork. Can I notarize a document?

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Can I transfer my Florida notary commission to another state?

You are currently a Florida notary who will be relocating to another state soon and would like to continue working as a notary in the new state. Can you transfer your Florida notary commission to the new state of residence?

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I have a notary bond. Do I want Errors and Omissions Insurance too?

Many notaries mistakenly believe that the notary bond protects the notary. However, this is not the case. The notary bond is designed to protect the public. If a claim is made against your bond, you are required to pay it back. Notary errors & omissions insurance protects the notary.

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Help! My best friend asked to borrow my notary seal. What should I do?

Learn how to handle situations where you are asked to lend your notary seal to a friend or coworker.

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Florida Notaries- When to Refuse a Notarization

As a public officer, a notary must be prepared and willing to carry out his or her duties for a client who requests a notarial act that is both lawful and authorized. By acting as an impartial witness to the execution of documents, notaries help to deter fraud and promote the integrity of document transactions. There exist however, certain conditions and situations when a Florida notary is bound by law to refuse notary services

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