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Essentials for Florida Notaries Performing Marriage Ceremonies


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Florida Notaries Public may "Tie the Knot"

Did you know Florida is one of only three states that permits its notaries public to officially perform a wedding ceremony? There are 6,200 couples getting married every day in the United States. This means that couples across the country spend a combined $72 billion per year on wedding expenses, and for one-third of those couples, this will not be their first time saying “I do.” In 2015 nearly half of all weddings took place during the summer months. With summer right around the corner, now is as good a time as ever for Florida notaries to explore performing wedding ceremonies. It is simple to lend your services to friends, family, and anyone you know who is anticipating their big day!

Here are the basics:

The couple must obtain a License to Marry prior to the wedding ceremony

A License to Marry is simply authorization for the couple to be married, and is obtained from the County Clerk’s Office. The notary public’s job is to solemnize the couple's vows and the particulars of the certify the marriage ceremony

The notary public  must be duly commissioned at the time of the ceremony

Without the participation of a licensed Florida notary public, or other authorized marriage officiant, all individuals would be participating in an unofficial ceremony.

The wedding must be performed in Florida

Florida is one of three states that authorize their notaries public to solemnize marriage vows. This duty must be performed in Florida.

The notary public must complete and return the Certificate of Marriage

The marriage officiant's portion of the certificate must be completed, and the record returned to the county in which it was issued within 10 days of the ceremony. Are you prepared for their big day? Order one of our marriage kits today!