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Florida Notary Fees: What can you legally charge?

Florida Notary Fees

One reason many people become a notary public is the extra potential source of income that the position offers. There are limits, however, to what you can legally charge.

The maximum rates per notarial act (as of 1/1/2016) are:

  • $10.00 - Oath/Affirmation
  • $10.00 - Vehicle Identification Number
  • $10.00 - Execute a Protest
  • $10.00 - Certifying the Contents of a Safe-Deposit Box
  • $10.00 - Attesting a Photocopy
  • $10.00 - Acknowledgment
  • $30.00  - Solemnizing a Marriage

While these are the maximum rates that you can charge per notarial act, you are allowed to charge for things outside of the notarial act, such as travel fees and after hour fees. These additional fees, however, must be conveyed and agreed upon in advance. In addition, the standard notarial fees can be charged per notarial certificate. If you meet with a signer who has three separate documents for you to notarize, you can legally charge them up to, but no more than, $30 for the three separate notarial acts. Finally, it is always your choice whether or not to charge for your services. If you want to charge a rate under the legal maximum, that is also allowed.  

NOTE: The particular rates listed above pertain to notaries public commissioned in the state of Florida only. To find out how much you can legally charge if you are commissioned in a different state, reference your Secretary of State’s website or contact us at 800.821.0821 and we will be happy to obtain the information for you.