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Florida Notary Law Quiz

Like all states, Florida has its own specific laws governing the duties of a notary public. See if you have mastered the Sunshine State’s laws by answering the following True/False questions. Let us know if you correctly answer all 5!


  1. You can still be a notary public in Florida even if you are NOT a citizen of the United States. (T/F)
  2. A notary public in Florida may perform official acts in any state. (T/F)
  3. A Florida notary may NOT attest a photocopy of a vital record from another state. (T/F)
  4. According to Florida law, a Social Security card is an acceptable form of identification that a notary may rely upon for notarization. (T/F)
  5. A Florida notary may notarize his or her sister’s signature on a power-of-attorney granting him or her authority to care for the sister’s minor child.(T/F)

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