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Steps For Performing a Lawful Florida Notarization!

Don't put yourself at risk! Make sure you are performing your notarizations as a Florida notary public correctly and with confidence. Below are the steps for performing a lawful notarization in the state of Florida.

1. Require physical presence of the document signer. NEVER make an exception!

2. Identify the signer, either through your personal acquaintance of the individual or some type of satisfactory evidence, such as a valid driver's license, passport or another form of acceptable identification listed in the Florida notary law.

3. Examine the document to ensure it is complete - no blanks or missing pages - and contains a properly formatted notarial certificate. The document date should be earlier or the same day as the notarization, never later.

4. Enter the transaction into your record book. Although Florida notarial law does not require it, the Governor's Office recommends you keep an official record of all your notarial acts.

5. Perform the notarization ceremony. You must communicate verbally with the signer to perform the notarial act. The document must be signed in the notary's presence if the notarial act is an oath.

6. Complete the notarial certificate. Make sure the information is correct and complete. Do not forget to sign and seal the certificate.

For more information regarding notaries public and notarial duties, visit or call our customer service department at 800.821.0821.