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What Not to Do with Your Florida Notary Fees

Many notaries forget to focus on this key point as they negotiate prices with clients. How much are you worth? how-much-are-you-worth Yes, the state of Florida places a maximum on the amount a notary can charge for a notarial service, but remember there is more to the charging bracket than that. Florida allows their notaries to charge $10 for each notarial act and $30 for a wedding. When a customer contacts you for your services, do not forget to ask them the specifics. Many customers will only know the basics of the notarial services—and many people confuse the terminology used by notaries. Help clarify for them. This is a two-way exchange, and remember you can help them as much as they can help you. The main points to cover with a potential customer are the when, where and what. The What: If a customer is confused about the notarial act, direct them to seek advice from a lawyer and come to you once they are fully aware of the notarial act they need to complete. Simply, remind them you are not a lawyer and cannot offer them advice. Remember to ask how many copies they need—your fee will likely differ from one copy to 200 copies. The Where: The travel fee or miscellaneous fees for added time will differ depending on where the client would like the notarization to be completed. Don’t forget to exchange information on each other’s general appearance so you can find one another easily at the designated location. The When: Depending on the situation, your time could also be encroached upon. If a client needs you to drop everything and complete a notarial act for them immediately, you may charge a different fee than if they schedule a meeting in the future. Remember to think about what you think you are worth during these exchanges. If your prices are realistic for the time and effort you are putting in, and you know what these amounts are, then stick by them—just don’t go overboard with your self-worth.