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State of Florida Notary Application Approval Time

notary-application   So you’ve turned in your application and submitted your fees and order, now what? The State of Florida requires a paper application. Once you submit your paper application, we electronically submit it to the state AND hand deliver it that same day. The State of Florida allows bonding agencies to electronically submit the notary application information, but they are also required to submit your paper application. Your commission cannot be processed until the State receives your paper application. The State takes 2-3 business days to approve your application. Upon approval, they mail out your commission certificate to your bonding agency. Just like we hand deliver your application, we pick up your commission certificates from the Secretary of State’s office directly the day they are issued. By hand delivering and picking up your commission certificates we are eliminating extra mail time. This allows us to have the fastest turnaround time in the Florida notary industry! Don’t be misled by other bonding agencies telling you that your application takes longer than 2-3 days to be processed by the Secretary of State—the extra time is required for them to mail your application and receive your certificate. Skip those extra steps and go with Notary Public Underwriters; just a few short miles from the Secretary of State’s office, we can cut your wait time in half.   IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you are renewing your notary commission, your application can only be sent for approval within 4 months of your previous commission's expiration. NPU checks for accuracy and completion of paperwork and will submit for approval the exact day your application becomes eligible.