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  #floridanotaryeducation All first-time notaries are required to take a Florida-approved education course. What’s included? Before you dive into the notarial world, Florida wants to ensure you are aware of standard practices and are informed about notarial law. You need this foundation to ensure you are not making mistakes that could negatively impact you or the public. Florida notary laws, notary ethics, standard notarial practices, and the difference between the notary bond and notary Errors and Omissions Insurance are all covered in the course. The education course provides you with a foundation of knowledge to start your notary career. Length of Course The state of Florida requires completion of a 3-hour course. Our online education course is structured with material so that you may comfortably finish in those three hours.  In addition, the course can be completed at your own leisure, according to your schedule. Upon purchase, you will have access to the education course through your Profile online and will be able to access it as much as you like. This conveniently allows you to start and stop the lessons as necessary. Where to Take It? When looking for an education course to take, ensure it is approved by the State of Florida. Only the approved courses will count towards your notary commission. Online courses, such as the one currently offered by us, make it easy to fit the course into your life. You can take the education course at your own pace, and have the material available at your fingertips whenever you need it. When submitting your application for your first-time commission, you will need to provide proof that you have fulfilled the education requirement. If you have completed your education through us, you will have access to an education certificate with the date of completion listed. If you do not complete a course, you will not be granted your commission.