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6 Essentials for a Mobile Notary

mobile notary Mobile Stamp Our mobile notaries love the mobile notary stamp. It is small and compact—fitting in your pocket. Some prefer the feel and work of the Rectangular Notary Stamp; if you’re throwing that in your purse or carrying case, don’t forget to lock it and possibly look into a stamp case for it. Both stamps contain all of your notary information—and are lightweight and easily locked for stress-free transportation. Hand-Held Embosser The hand-held embosser is easy to throw into your bag. Plus, you have three great colors to choose from (black, chrome and pink). Our Florida Notary Embosser doubles as a hand-held embosser and a desk embosser, so when you get to the notary site, you can easily place the embosser on the desk to complete the notarization or keep it hand-held—whichever your preference. Record Book Florida does not require the use of a record book, but it is always highly encouraged. The record book is a safety net – just like E&O insurance. Your record book protects you if a signing does prove fraudulent or if there are discrepancies, it helps prove you followed the notary law. Sticky Flags Especially if you’re usually completing longer notarizations, these nifty post-it notes come in handy! You can mark the signature pages or help point out different areas to the signers. They leave no residue and don’t tear when you’re removing them—making that a win. Carrying Case The carrying case helps keep your notary supplies organized. It also helps with the portable-ness of it all—it can get difficult to juggle all the essentials. A case, such as a briefcase or a nice bag, also helps improve your professional appearance. Ensure you have extra pens in there! Never want to end up empty handed when completing notarial act. Cell Phone Any reliable phone is a complete necessity. When you are meeting clients at different locations, you want to be sure you can identify them and update them of any delays or changes. Along the same lines, a car charger or an extra charger is never a bad idea; these ensure your phone is always ready—you can miss new clients or new opportunities if your phone’s dead when they call.