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The When and Why of Credible Witnesses

The use of credible witnesses should never be for convenience. credible-witnesses   We understand some clients may fight this, but notaries must remember this is a method to be utilized only for certain, rare cases. We understand it is a pain for your client if they forget their ID and have to drive home to retrieve it and then return to complete the notarization, but as a notary you cannot simply use this method whenever you choose. It is for individuals who cannot be expected to easily obtain an acceptable form of identification. It is the notary’s opinion of who falls into this category; usually, it includes the elderly who have no license or the handicapped. If you decide to use the credible witness method, Florida is one of eight states that allow the use of two credible witnesses. The credible witness must personally know the client, and the notary must personally know the credible witness. The credible witness will sign an affidavit, and then an oath or affirmation stating the affidavit is true. Once you complete the oath or affirmation, complete the Credible Witness Affidavit, and attach it to the document. Indicate on the notarial certificate that identification used was a credible witness. Remember to record this in your record book, and to record the credible witness as a separate entry to document all of their information. If you need a new record book, or to purchase your first, visit us online to choose the perfect one for you. Since the credible witness option is not used frequently, please refer to us as much as you need to help complete the process. As always we are here everyday to help you complete proper notarial acts!