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Notary Preparation to Perform a Florida Wedding

Everyone always has a list of questions to ask their wedding vendor, the florist, the caterer and anyone else with an ounce of involvement in the wedding.notary wedding prep Isn’t it time the Florida notary public was just as prepared as the bride? Florida allows you to perform wedding ceremonies as a notary public, as long as the wedding takes place in Florida. You can even perform the ceremony for relatives, since you are not notarizing their signatures, but are attesting to the fact that you performed the ceremony. If it’s your first time performing a wedding ceremony, or even your fiftieth, you’re probably just as nervous as the bride and groom; but you should also be just as prepared. Here is the NPU nifty wedding checklist to make sure you have all of your bases covered. Things to discuss with the bride and groom:
  1. What time should I arrive?
  2. Should I attend the wedding reception?
  3. Do you have a preference for what I wear?
  4. When would you like the notarial act to occur? You do not want to distract from another ceremony, if the couple is having one, and you don’t want to have to be awkward on the Big Day trying to ease them into the notarial act. Make sure you talk about it beforehand to ensure everyone is on the same page.
  5. How do I handle the marriage license? After the ceremony would you like me to put it somewhere? Who should I hand it to?
  6. Would you like me to turn it in? (You have up to ten days to do so.)
  7. How long would you like me to speak for? Will you give me a microphone?
  8. What kind of ceremony will you have?
  9. Is there anything you would like me to incorporate into the ceremony?
Once you speak to the couple about how they want their Big Day to go, be sure you create your own checklist including their responses. Also, don’t forgot, once you write out your speech, let the happy couple take a look! wedding

St Marks, FL Wedding Photo by A Brooks Photography

Reminder: NPU sells a Florida Marriage Kit to provide you with everything you need to properly perform a marriage ceremony in the State of Florida. The marriage kit does not specify the gender of either party involved. Same-sex marriage is now legal in the State of Florida. The procedure for notaries public has not changed-- the protocol will be the same. wedding kit