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Who Owns Your Florida Notary Commission

who-owns-it You finally hand in your resignation. You start your new job Monday and can’t wait. As you gather up your belongings, you notice your notary seal and record book, you go to grab them and a coworker chastises you for taking company property. Maybe put the company stapler back (as we know from the movie, Two Weeks Notice, that can cause problems), but the seal and record book are all yours. Even if your previous employer paid for them—you are commissioned under the state of Florida, not the company. An employer cannot cancel your commission once you leave their office-- you are commissioned by the state. Only the state of Florida can relieve you of your notary duties or you can submit your resignation. Furthermore, when you are employed and your company commissions you as a notary, you are free to complete notarial acts after business hours, and any acts completed not on company time for fees are yours to keep. You are your employer’s notary during your normal working hours, though, so your employer does have the right to limit your customers during that time—but once again, after you are off of work, you can complete as many notarial acts as you wish. So ignore the coworker and grab your notary seal!