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handwritten documents Handwritten Documents  Majority of the time, people come to notaries with official, typed documents to be notarized, but they may also come to you with handwritten documents. For instance, a permission slip for a field trip or permission from a parent or legal guardian to have someone else take their child to the doctor. These are valid, and can be notarized by you. Handwritten documentation can be tricky and takes some common sense rules. As always, if you are concerned about the notarization you can refuse to complete it. The handwritten document would be approached like any other document. The same procedures need to be followed, such as physical presence, no blanks, the name on the ID and the name on the document must match. As with any other document, you cannot advise which notarial certificate should be attached. You would present them with the jurat and the acknowledgment certificates, explaining each, and let them choose which one. You cannot recommend which notarial act to complete. If you are dubious about a document or have questions, contact our Customer Care Specialists. Handwritten notarial certificates The certificate may also be handwritten as long as it contains the correct notarial language. The correct language would include the Venue, the type of notarial act, statement, the exact date of notarization, the printed name of signer, the type of identification used, the official signature of notary, the name of the notary printed (typed or stamped below the signature also work), and the notary’s seal. The wording would need to match that found on a certificate. The handwritten certificate is usually written in when there is limited space on a document. The certificate cannot be in a location that will affect the document, though; for instance, the seal cannot be covering anything. If there is no room, attach a loose certificate. For a handwritten document you should be able to attach a typed jurat or acknowledgement certificate to it.