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Before you complete a wedding ceremony, check the county’s specific requirements with their Clerk of Court. Adhere to the regulations of the county the marriage license will be sent to for approval. Ensure you know their most up-to-date information, or you could be costing the couple. wedding cake & marriage license Leon Clerk of the Circuit Court has updated their requirements to only allow the use of black ink and to restrict the placement of the notary public’s stamp. The notary seal must be placed within the “certificate of marriage” area on the license, but cannot be covering any words. Leon County still requires the license to be returned within 10 days from the time of the ceremony, and for the certificate of marriage to include the date, city, signature, printed name, title and full address. Beware of the date on the marriage certificate. The date is written with the state, city and county first and the street address below. Do not write the address as you would normally or the license will be denied. Every county has their requirements for the marriage license and their own set of protocol, take the time to check the county's regulations. The marriage license will be returned to the county to which the couple received it from, so add it your list to ask the couple which county issued the marriage license. * Update: As of January 2015, same-sex marriage is legal in Florida. The ceremony and procedure do not change for the notary-- any marriage follows the same protocol. The marriage certificate within the marriage kit offered by NPU does not specify the gender of either party involved in the union.